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Default Chrono testing at HFT comps

Just had a bit of a panic attack ...

I've just spent a few weeks trying to find a pellet that the old 77 likes and seem to have found some success with a new batch of AA 8.4gr 4.52 Diablo.

Anyway ... I know that some comps have chrono testing mid course etc and I believe there will be testing at both courses at Kelmarsh at the Worlds.

So I thought I'd better test the 77 and see if it's ok before it gets too close. So up the garden just with the chrono.

Now I've noticed with these AA pellets that there is definitely some variation when you thumb the pellets into the barrel. Some go in with a hint of resistance, some seem much tighter and some just fly in with no resistance at all. On a course I tend to shoot off the ones that just fall in. I don't have any scales so haven't weighed them but I've read before that the weights do vary and even pellets under 8gr have been seen in the 8.4gr tins.

So testing these straight out of the tin up the garden ... the majority of pellets are hovering around 780fps ... which is where I want it ... so that's fine.

However, I had a couple, that were loose when loading, and these flew through at around 800fps and that's just too close, especially if there is some difference with the chrono. I'm certain that if these were weighed they would be very light and still well under 12fp.

So, on a course, when the gun goes over the chrono ... do they just use the pellets that you are using? If so, do they put a few through and accept that the odd reading may be a dodgy pellet ... or is it 1 pellet reads 1fps over and you are thrown off?

I really don't want to have to strip this again and start reducing average power down to 11 or less to accomodate the odd dodgy pellet that is well below weight.

What's the story please?
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