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Well it's taken three weeks or thereabouts for me to recover from the Radiotherapy, what with the effects of the Radiotherapy making me tired, the painkillers and anti-sickness tablets doing the same i've been sleeping most of the time.. sometimes up to 19 hours a day.
A couple of days before i started on the treatment i was getting earache in my right ear and what felt like an ulcer on the underside of my tongue, right at the back. I went to see the GP about it thinking it was an ear infection and she checked me over but said there was no sign of infection and suggested i go see my Dentist. The doc gave me some antibiotics just to be sure and i gave it a week to see if they cleared it up, i didn't want the Butcher (Dentist) poking around in there and making things worse, i though all he's going to do is prescribe some Antibiotics anyway.
After a week it still hadn't gone so i bit the bullet and went to see the Dentist, he made me winch a bit as he tried to pull my tongue out of my mouth and squeezed it at the same time. Then he referred me back to the Oncologist at the hospital, another week passed before i got to see him and he suggested it would be quicker to go back and get my GP to refer me as it would be quicker.
So eventually i got to see an ear, nose and throat (ENT) specialist on Friday of last week, i have an appointment to have a pre-op assesment today, then an MRI can on Wednesday and to go in for a Biopsy to be taken on Thursday under general anaesthetic. Hopefully it will be in and out the same day.
No body's said anything as yet, they don't until they're sure, but i reckon it's Cancer, my tongue has a hard and very sore part to it on the right hand side. I'm thinking of getting a T-Shirt made up..." Cancer on tour throughout my body" 2011 The Bowel, 2012 The Lungs and Brain, 2013 My Tongue... more dates to follow...
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