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Originally Posted by Kingplinker View Post
Blimey you lot are in a right old state . lol

I get more annoyed with meds making me shake than anything else , especially as I am trying to settle on something that actually works .

All I need is for some medical genius to design a drug that makes me shoot 1 dot up and left in a howling wind over 45 yards and I will be laughing !

I hope to see some of my fellow raspberries on a hft course soon , perhaps we can help eachother get up off the peg . lol

atvb and keep positive

Nothing you can do about the shakes Dave, just roll with it. There's people shooting HFT and FT in far worse states than you or me.

Oh and I recommend Geoff Ryder and Mark Cammocio for helping you round a course!

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