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Originally Posted by maddog View Post
b graid, not for long shooting like that in that wind.
Just not consistent Dave, Still not comfy, still snatching at the trigger. It will be next winter league before I know where I am at.

Still testing things out pellets etc, considering a sightron. Not reading the wind well enough, if I come off a course with a 20 I feel lucky. The gun is consistent 6fps spread over 40 shots 779-785fps with the new batch of exacts I have. 1/8" 5 shots groups at 36 yards, 1/4" groups at 50 yards the gun is there I am the weak link.

I need to settle and need tough courses to shoot but it may mean 1 step forward 2 steps back for a while. B grade is a pretty fair representation of where I am at, Redfearns and York winter league shoots were very kind to me I was lucky.
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