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Originally Posted by maddog View Post
nice to see you today garry, hope you shoot better at the weekend,
I doubt it 23 at Redfearns and 22 at Emley is about as good as I can hope to do. Changed pellets to Exacts from Express so learning to shoot them at the moment. Changed from a ball trigger back to a blade and it was set to light for cold fingers so was pulling straight through today. It's not like I shot a 15 or other shocking score.

Don't forget I am just a " B " grade shooter, thats my excuse.

Might go back to express yet, there close just not sure which I like best, but need to put another 2000-3000 exacts through to make my mind up.

Emley is a fantastic course I really enjoyed the long mini kills, very challenging in an on/off breeze.
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