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When I renewed the central lancs club insurance this year, I specifically asked about visitors being covered.

The response from Jenny at the NSRA was as long as everyone signs in the range attendance sheet / book, they are covered. It does not matter one jot if the visitors are members of a BFTA affilliated regional club or ukahft affilliated.

Looking at things very simplistically, if a new shooter turns up at a local regional league FT shoot, or a national having paid the entry. Then get told you are a visitor you can win on the day but can't take a gonk or accrue points in the league it isn't a very welcoming way to try and bring new shooters into your league and grow the sport is it? No wonder there is shouts of elitism.

All competitors who turn up to compete in the gauntlet series accrue towords a league whether they are members of a club (affilliated) or not.

If a new FT shooter turns up at the start of a series who is not yet part of an affilliated club.... then they may as well not bother? I'm sure this never used to happen years ago, new shooters used to accrue points and were allowed to compete straight away.
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