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This one is for anybody who actively takes part in either FT or HFT competitions and it has been brought up on another site which got me many champions have we got out there.

Unless a championship is officially recognized by whatever governing body you shoot for, in my case the UKAHFT then I don't think it's right that a club should advertise a shoot as a British or UK championship. If it's just a club shoot then advertise it as this otherwise people will get confused that they are travelling to a major event when in reality as good as they are sometimes they are nothing more than an open for the hosting club.
My thoughts are that there should only be one British and world champion in both HFT and FT and that person would have earned that title either over a series of rounds or at a major event organised by that sports governing body.
If clubs just put on a shoot and inadvertently call it a British or UK championship then we will have a champion in every county so things other than the official one should be kept to a club or regional level.
I think it just misleads people otherwise.


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