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Originally Posted by BOMBER View Post
Ischaemic heart disease is my main thing at the present time, had a triple bypass in 2006 which worked for 11 months then found out that my left ventricle was down to 20% pumping power. 2 months later the kidneys decided to let me know that they wanted in on the fun and I have now been awarded polysistic kidney disease. So the medics tell me that I may need a new heart and kidneys but they would rather do heart kidneys and lungs at the same time as its easier to swap the lot out

I could blame all theese for poor scores but I don;t as its just me being crap. It don't matter what your problems are as long as you can get to shoot once in a while and more importantly be amongst friends when doing it just seems to make me forget about the illness.

Never do things by bloody halves you do yer Hope you get sorted soon mate.
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