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Originally Posted by Brian.Samson View Post
Didn't it used to be possible for a person in SFT class to shoot the GP's without having a BFTA card?
Indeed Brian.

The bfta card is a red herring for insurance purposes. It's not necessarily the person shooting that is insured there is the club's liability where the shoot is held that could be called in should liability be found with the club. There's no difference between a guest with a bfta card or one without.

However I believe the bfta card should provide some 'record' of a shooter. It should have 3 expiry dates. One for the bfta card and one for the shooter's club membership. The last for thr renewal date. I don't believe there is much point in issuing a card which no one checks against an insurance certificate which could lapse in a month or in the case of renewal isn't checked for 3-4 months after all Nsra clubs should have renewed.
If one of the above dates is invalid no shoot.

In csfta we had 2 shooters who shot rounds outside of their club. It was only realised at a further point that they weren't members of any clubs at all. They were accepted as guests and I am not sure their scores counted. It was assumed by all informed they were members of someone else's club. A bit like a teenager staying at someone else's parents. It was done without intent. The system of just asking for a number at a shoot has no way of checking that number is still valid and at the time the bfta did not remove invalid numbers.

Competition rules in my opinion are that. In csfta you must be a member of a csfta club to count. I don't know if that means you must have a csfta number as opposed to say a Swefta one but still belong to csfta club or not. I know I can shoot for my Swefta club in my Swefta league but not for its regional team. That I think could do with nailing down as well. Representing the region should be whistle clean in my opinion and not allow bedhopping without people moving actual residence. Same goes for regional representatives on bfta.

The structure of the bfta is shooter belongs to club which is affiliated to a region which is a member of the bfta.
Being in the position as a club rep I feel its the club's duty to ensure its shooters are members and furthermore that the rules of competition are adhered to. But I wish the bfta would look at the issue closely because people rely on bits of paper and when they mean naff all because of the gaping loopholes it does question their point.
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