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Let's See now:

Asthma- Actually I shoot a little better (1 or 2 points) if I don't use my inhaler in the morning. It has to be weighed up with not being able to breath though.

Muscle fibre tear- Tore a few muscle fibres in my right shoulder a few years ago and never rested my shoulder properly while it was healing. It still bothers me every now & then.

Wrist injury- Never sit on the floor then use your fist to help push you up off the floor. My wrist folded forward and a helluva lot of pain would flare up for years after. It's what stopped me shooting back in 1991.

Sleep Apnoea- Not as bad as it used to be (nothing like being woken up by a loud & sudden deep intake of breath because you'd stopped breathing). The last good nights sleep (as in waking up feeling refreshed) was once about 5-6 years ago. If you see me yawning, it ain't personal.

Kidney Stone- Four years ago I ended up in hospital thanks to one. It's one of 10% that doesn't show up on an X-ray and the doc's weren't game enough to go in after it anyway. It's still rattling away inside me. Co-Codamol is my friend.

No wonder the junior's can score better than us; they're still in one piece. Nothing a cricket bat can't even out.
"I wanna play cricket on the green, ride my bike across the stream, cut myself and see my blood, I wanna come home all covered in mud. I'm a boy, I'm a boy but my ma won't admit it..." I'm A Boy- The Who 1966
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