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Originally Posted by Tesla View Post
Hi Rob. This is not possible at all. Spanish shooters need to accredit owned the airgun with the " Airgun card" expedied by the major of the Spanish council to introduce the airgun in Spain.
To introduce the airgun in Spanish territory is easier for the foreigners, so only need a temporary permit signed by the major, so someone of the English shooters could carry the EV2 without any problem.
But once the EV2 was in Spain, Emery has a new problem, so he has not any document who accredit as a owner of the EV2, no Argentinian document and neither Spanish document.
To solve this issue we can try to obtain a new temporary permit to " use" the EV2 in the Open by Emerey signed by the major also.
Now the EV2 will be in Spain according the Spanish laws and without any problem to travel to Argentinia.
Next step will be in Emerey side , so he will know what kind of documents needs to introduce the EV2in Argentinia.
This an aproach to solve this issue.
For us, airguns are MNR or Non Registrable Material, just like a flashlite, or a Thermos Bottle, just telling to the Customs Officer and evetually pay an importation fee.
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