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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
Gun was spot on Sunday, so was scope.

Did have an issue with the magic Die 50 though as i had left them in pellet pouch and through the shoot was pulling out crushed skirted pellets all the time!

Missed t4, think it was about 37m Kneeler. Bit of a wobble, pulled low to 6 edge. Think not being settled what with organising and doing booking in.

Missed T6, same target that was long in the back of woods. Gave 3 edge but it cleared kil.

T16, long 37m uphill stander, just poor foot position and trying to pull the shot left instead of moving feet, again!
Missed T20, 15ml at 10.5 m as i used 11 m setting and hit 6 edge, should have used 10m!

Missed T27, long 36m uphill kneeler. Pellet went hight and out past 1 oclock. Think that might have been a duff pellet as shot was good?

Not as bad as Far coloey.

Very nice to shoot with Little Jack. Very relaxed chap and after about half the course it rubbed off on me.

Practise course is back out so shall be practising those uphill kneeler and standers Saturday!

Mr.Fisher wants an anuall 10 bet on Bfta Champs, seems ok to me

Have already agrred to shoot with CSFTA champion Nice Mr.Wood though, so no vulture impressions lol!
Il look forward to claiming 1 of my tenners back...I
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