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Originally Posted by 5teve L View Post
Keep us posted on your findings as well Cliff.

About 400 pellets gone and not had one flier despite putting even the ones with slightly ragged skirts through. This is a fairly representative 5 shot group @ 35 yards in a light wind maybe 3-5 mph but it's just shot off the bipod not off the bench rest... side by side comparison with mossies and 2 flavours of 8.4 JSB they are definately doing better in the Walther.

The thread on the bbs seems to indicate some people are getting good performance down range and in wind so I am going to give them a go.... the only problem is I only have enough left for one comp and some plinking and my order at Uttings is on hold until they get some stock so if anyone is near MFC or anywhere else and likely to be at SiHFT / Sussex open and can grab me a couple of tins then it's be much appreciated
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