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Originally Posted by neilL View Post
Centre the scope optically - start by setting turrets mid-range but rotating the scope in the mounts is better (see ). Then you may have to mess with the mounts to get the pellet to land close to where you are hoping for. Then add the clicks needed for 15 yds or 45 yds and see if the impact shifts. If all is good shoot at targets at 15yds and 45 yds and see if it is just cross-over i.e. the scope mounting is not parallel to the gun bore.

If the shift happens when optically centered for a target at 30yds and _all_ you are doing is adding elevation clicks then you have a bad problem internally :-(

Good luck
OK Neil. I will read the manual & try your advice. The owner suspects something on barrel not being parallel to the stock, let's see...

Originally Posted by Brian.Samson View Post
My suspicion is that you're getting parallax error.

When you turn the top turret to the distance you're shooting at, do you also turn the scopes focus dial (at the front of the scope) to the distance you're shooting at as well?

The next time you try shooting at 15 yards, if you move your eye position while holding the rifle rock solid, do the cross hairs move or do they point at a fixed point no matter where your eye is?
No the owner does not turn eye focus dial to the distance he's shooting at.. seen it!
Second answer, can tell, but I will ask!

Again thanks

The Kit isn't mine. The fella in question knows litle about English.

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