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Originally Posted by Simo View Post
Thanks. Let's see if I know how to reply. The scope in question has ballistic turrets with the yards marked.
when the top turret is at 30 yards the pellets hit the bullseye. When the top turret is turned to 15 yards
the pellets go to the right & when turned to 45 yards the pellets go left...
Centre the scope optically - start by setting turrets mid-range but rotating the scope in the mounts is better (see ). Then you may have to mess with the mounts to get the pellet to land close to where you are hoping for. Then add the clicks needed for 15 yds or 45 yds and see if the impact shifts. If all is good shoot at targets at 15yds and 45 yds and see if it is just cross-over i.e. the scope mounting is not parallel to the gun bore.

If the shift happens when optically centered for a target at 30yds and _all_ you are doing is adding elevation clicks then you have a bad problem internally :-(

Good luck
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