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Thanks for that Neil

Some tight groups there especially with the Daystate.

I've been testing lately as things went t!ts up with the 77. I'd always used AA Field Diablo 8.4gr in 4.52 which I'm certain are the same as JSB Exact.

Anyway ... accuracy had gone to bits and I was sure it was because of a change of batch and inside profile. So I started looking for something else.

So I tried Daystate Li's ( 7.9gr ... Crosman Prems ) as I knew Paul uses them in his 97. So I cleaned the barrel and tested them. Originally I used them from the tin and accuracy at 35 yards wasn't brilliant. I then followed Paul's instructions about measuring them in a Bic tube. That gave 2 clear sizes and the smaller ones were the ones opening up the groups ( still tight in barrel compared to AA's ). The larger ones ( very tight ) gave really excellent results at close ranges. Anything up to 30 yards was just an enlarged ragged hole. At 35 yards the groups were still good ( cloverleafing ) but were starting to take some wind ( this was on quite a still day with prob 7mph wind ). At 45 yards I couldn't get a good group. The wind ( only 7mph ) was blowing them up to 25mm and the groups had opened up to probably 25mm ( greatest spread horizontally from left to right which was direction of wind ). I tried some of my old batch of AA's at 45 yards at the same time as the Li's and the AA 8.4gr were taking about 10mm wind as opposed to 25mm Li's.

I tried a new batch of AA's ( which look to have the same profile as the old ones that my gun liked ) and they are pretty tight now at 35 yards.
Yesterday I tried the new batch of AA's in pretty still conditions ( 2mph ) and I got good results. 6mm ctc at 25 yards ... 10mm ctc at 35 yards and 12mm ctc at 45 yards. That was best out of 2 groups but the other groups were not far behind.

I'd still say the Li's are as good if not a tad better up to 35 yards but I'd have to choose the AA's because the Li's seemed to be far more affected by the wind over 35 yards.

It would be interesting to see what your 7.9gr ( like the Li's ) do at range with a bit of wind.

Good luck


Interesting that you are using 8.6gr. You obviously shot very well on Sunday at Oldham as that wind would have drifted a canonball, but have you tested the 8.6gr in the wind and noticed that they cope better than ( or not ) than the 8.4gr AA? One would think that .2gr would make little difference but I was amazed at how much more wind the 7.9gr Li's took ( out of my gun on that day ).

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