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Originally Posted by Sparky View Post
Nar still no excuse, for the last 10 years been on Dihydrocodeine and Co-codamol, due to crumbling bones & chronic arthritis in my ankle and muscle waste from the knee down, pain with every step I do, some days even putting socks causes grief, every comp I do I’m in agony during and after the comp and normally laid up for a few days afterwards.
Plenty of others on the UKAHFT scene have painful ailments.
So basically what I’m saying Dave is that pain is no excuse for bad scores

Flik me Pete I am surprised you didn't crumble into the keyboard mate . lol

Don't feel bad , I am sure ( with practice and a little luck ) you will beat Big Chris or Laity's recent scores . Jokes aside I have lost count of the chaps I have spoken too with the following checklist , gun , pellets , waterproofs , co - codemol - like I say its not going to stop me but it may reduce the shoots I can do ( which currently stands at one every three months ) .


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