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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
the way it has been explained to me is, if i take my place from coming 3rd in worlds then another taffy gets to go to germany as man no 8 in the team.
If i take a team place then we only get 7 others, so if Lyndeen, Gilly and Dan the man Eley took their 3 places, then there would only be 5 spre pcp EFTa Team places?
Simon you have qualified for your team. So you are sending 8.
This was converted to your rep and cc'd into us as we asked the same question.

The offer was an honarary offering from the bds to catch the exception that a person did not qualify for their team. It wasn't intended to allow people to skip qualification so they can send more people as we all thought.

In the event that the 3 don't make it they will be going. If they do then yes there may only be 5 places left. Same for Wales and any other country in the same situation.

I suspect Wales will be ok for 8+1. How many more England are offered beyond the 8 remains to be seen. There are a lot of team places yet to be filled and I assume that if teams can't be filled they won't be offered excess places to play with. Therefore I reckon there will be some places left in excess of the teams. We will know more in March.
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