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Originally Posted by Kingplinker View Post
Hi all

Well I've been on here a while and have seen a few moans about health but never an actual ailment thread so I just have to be the first !!! lol

As some of you know I have had a few health problems over the years and yesterday I was actually diagnosed as having Fibromylgia which is similar to ME but with chronic pain ( excellent ) lol

Anyway next time you say that Kingplinker is mad I can answer , ' No I actually have Fibro..... ( sod typing that too many times )

Oh Kingplinker's using the old , ' Ooooooooooo my back hurts and that's why I scored 47 excuse ' I can again say no I actually have ..........

The more I think of it IT MUST BE THE REASON I CAN'T SHOOT FOR SHEEET , thats my excuse as I have Fibromylgia ! lol

I am not going to give up shooting thankfully but I doubt I will get chance to shoot as much - I will save the good days for shooting of that you can be sure .


Dave, you may have FibroMyxomatosis, but your still Mad

Seriously though, hope it desen't get any worse.

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