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Default Wafta 2012/13 Championship rd 6 @ Tondu AR & FTC

Comments to Amuse only


Easy Ft -

Not as Easy for most as I hopped, but given this was first attempt lessons learnt.
Well done to youngster Keenan Phillips on an excellent 25 ex 30. Equally to youngest shooterLeon Wilton for keeping spirits up and completing the course, thanks to Martin Shunter for helping and also well done on your First ft shoot.
Good to see Waldorf and Stater from the muppets having a go, top respect to fine elder gents Bob + Pete.
Think Pete was happy with his "win"

1- Keenan Phillips (First Ft shoot?) 25
2- Bear SFThomas 21
3- Derk 21
4- Gadget (not that new to ft!) Davies 19
5- Martin shunter (First ft shoot) 16
6 -Peter "BSA R10" (First ft shoot) 16
7- Bob up+ down 15
8- **** Porter (first ft shoot) 13
9 - Ian Wright (now fter an s400? 1st Ft shoot) 12
10 Leon Wilton (First ft shoot = gun is too big) 4

Extreme Side shoot. (ex 90)

Using the above "easy Ft course", 3 points for standing, 2 kneeling and 1 sitting. 0 for a Miss!

We normally do a 20 winner takes all, but in truth we are fed up as MEGA Little Jack always win cause he is MEGA
so we did two x 10 so someone else got some dosh. Sadly it was Bery lol

1- Mega "Standing" Jack - 69
2- Berty "My AA pellets work" - 66
3 - Doz (coming back on form) - 64
4- Gadget (nephew marked Card!) - 59
5- Simon (my backs gone) Evans - 58
6 - Chris (I need three gemini) Keyworth - 55
7 Richard (Nice stock) Beaugie -52
8 Chubby (no bollocks were hurt) -51
9 Nigel (Ripley) Hayman -50
10 John The Bank Bank -49
11 Russel (Whooped by Chubby ) Summers - 47
12 Dave (Double bed John?) Gage - 46
13 Chubby (Some Bollocks were shot) - 44
14 Chris (after cheap flooring) Davies - 41
15 Shep Think he ran out of pellets?) -26

Wafta Main (Ex 30)

I will post some "stats" later or monday


Jack (Mega) Harris 27
Richard (I`ll show these youngsters) Beaugie 26
Berty (not got a bad Back ) Basset 25
Simon (Got a Bad back) Evans 25
Shep (Still had Pellets) 23
Chris (ban short Standers) Keyworth 23
Doz (The wind got him) Falconer 22
Lord Lampeter (Recovered from Norway) 22
Nigel (only just beat Julia) Hayman 21
Dave (I wont hear the end of it from Gadget) Gage 20
Gwynne ( 1 Master) Robinson 19

A class

Russel (Chubby said there was no wind) Summers 27
Chubby (there is only 1) 23
John The bank 22
Craig Morgan 19
John (Snappy owning) Johnston 16

B Class

Gadget "The Apprentice" Davies (I beat Dave Gage) 23
Craig "tug of war" Corbert 20
Chris "miles over the line" Miles 20
Wayne "Just over the line" Brookes 18
Derk "Hammer Time" Bendon 16

C class

Morf (So if I adjust my parallax my scope dont work ?) White 19
Julia "Raflle Winner" Fox 19
Tosh "Forever C grade" Crocker 19
Keenan (I owe Gwynne and Extra 1 for the tips) 16
Bear SFThomas 16
Chris "Apprentice Gadget" Davies 15
Martin (1st Propper? ft shoot) Shunter 12

Top day at tondu with only downside another low Wafta turnout!

Weather was about right though, nice cloud cover, slight breeze early on then a good dollop of wind later (Thats when Little Jack and I shot so thats my excuse lol)

Only one whistle and I think that due to someone mistaking an easy 27yard target (full kill) Re-set cord for the start of a tug of war Match. No names

Taken on baord old Man Doz'es comments about a stretched out course, it was yes for 30 shots but we restricted the main to 30 due to the 30 shot Easy Ft course / side shoot.
Least the Extreme side shoot was popular, be great to see more clubs put on Vermin / extreme side shoots?
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