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If your friends gun is new it should clearly show how to adjust the trigger in the owners handbook.
There is a trigger job that can be done;

Part One
Remove the front 2 adjusting grub screws.
Using some insulating tape securely fix the screws to the end of an allen key.
Now carefully grind the ends of the grub screws until they are nicely rounded(they originally have flats and knurls meaning that they do not slide easily over the sear).
Finally give the newly rounded ends a really good mirror polish and put them back in trigger unit.
The above should have made the trigger pull a fair bit smoother.

Part Two
This requires more dissasembly of the trigger and you would be better off getting hold of a strip down diagram.
Once stripped it is a simple matter to carefully polish the trigger sears removing any burrs in the process but being careful not to round off any sharp edges.

You would actually be better going on the AAOC site where with a bit of a search you will find better detail than i have given in how to carry out both Parts 1 & 2 .

In AAOC go to technical section - technical referance library sub section - Setting up the S200 Trigger.

Hope this helps 'cos it looks a lot more difficult on paper than it really is.
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