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Hi all,

at the AGM in November proposals for changes to the Main Shoot Rules and GP rules were made. One of these was that a lane designated kneeling could be shot from the standing position by choice of the shooter and not need the permission of the Chief Marshal; which is the present case.
These rules would be for first use from the Champs in April 2013.

At present you can ask the Chief Marshal if you can take kneelers from the standing position if for some reason you cannot kneel.

The reason to change was that it was proposed that for national level shoots dispensation would not be allowed. Therefore preventing those who presently take their kneelers from the standing position taking part unless they took zero for the kneeling lanes.

However,since the AGM things have changed. Now we need to await the outcome of some meetings before the BFTA can confirm the shoot rules for 2013.

Whether the shoot rules were ratified or not they still would not be for use until April 2013.

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