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Originally Posted by saddler View Post
As I'm no longer Secretary I can't confirm for certain, but rules proposed at the AGM are normally ratified at the EGM in January and introduced at the start of the new season i.e. The Champs/Inters.
This is because it would be inappropriate to introduce new rules half way through the Winter league season.

It is correct that it was proposed and agreed at the AGM to change kneeling lanes to kneeling or standing. That means you can opt to shoot a kneeling lane (not an individual target) from the standing position if you wish.
As I wasn't at the EGM, I can't verify if this change was ratified.
It's the ratification that's the clear issue, whatever section of our rules we wish to refer to in any dispute, or to answer any genuine question, surely a Marshal can only refer to the published Rules as currently distributed by BFTA.
As I understand from the November minutes everything was put in place, subject to legal clarifation (who from isn't stated). Minutes of the jan meeting have yet to be published?

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