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Originally Posted by Brian.Samson View Post
You might be wondering if you follow skires' excellent advice - if you can't range find on 9x mag - how the hell do you know you're shooting at 30-35 yards and not 35-40 yards for example?

Simples.. if you set your parallax at say 25 yards, if mr bunny is too blurred, it's too far away, get closer and try again.

Even on 9x mag you'll be able to point the scope at the ground and quickly see exactly where 25 yards is - it'll be the area of grass that's in perfect focus. If you know where 25 yards is, it's not too difficult to guess how far away the thing is you're shooting at.
Brian has given you a perfect example of how you can use the scopes 'set' pa to range. You won't go far wrong listening to any of Brian's advice. We've all learned a thing or two from him.

I was referring to you trying to range by turning your adjustable pa ring at the front and trying to find an accurate range when it's in focus ... like the FT guys do with high mag ( 50 x etc ) scopes. 9x is not really enough mag to do that accurately but Brian has given you a practical/workable aid to get you within your hunting range.

Please let us know how you go on re setting the PA on your scope.
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