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My mods are functional and cosmetic Dave.

I got Jon Harris to shorten the chassis to allow fitting the older, shorter bottle which I prefer.
I actually like the longer chassis which balances perfectly but with the a
Quick dremmel to ensure A frame ain't touching the barrel i.e. free float it ( also need to remove the grub screw and nylon bush from the AA frame)
I remove the excess grease from the trigger sears with cotton bud.

Job done, no internal pars need removing or sorting. The new long version barrel does lead up quite badly very quickly so clean before or after a shoot, simple.
All quality new barrels take a while to shoot in and I was always under the assumption that a brand new gun took a couple of thousand shots to run in, like a new car. The Steyr definitely takes 2-3k shots before it really runs sweetly. I can honestly say I was blown away with mine straight from the box!

I like using the barrel I won the worlds with which is why I use it.

I won the silhouettes at the Classic last year using the new long barrel so no problem there; it had only had 3 tins through it too!

Anyway I look forward to seeing and using the totally new AA rifle and if has half the new mods described it is defiantly twice the old gun!
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