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Originally Posted by fireblade2 View Post
Quite right!, the newer rifles are absolute rubbish, until you run them in, but that took nearly six months with my long action FT model, lots of hard work, patience and head scratching before it would play well with others, others go down a different route by swapping out the barrel, machining out the frame and plenty of internal polishing, eh conor?

You may well be right about the latest Steyrs, I wouldn't know, the ones I've seen from a few years ago seem to work well without any fettling, my 5 year old LG100ft is only now showing signs that it might benefit from a service, absolutely no internal or trigger adjustment needed from day one.
I'm looking forward to seeing the new AirArms offerings but won't be as hasty in ordering one as I was with the my Daystate Grand Prix(#002)
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