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Have a look at this fella

Adjusting PA

It's really easy to do.

I use a Nikko Mountmaster Mildot 3-9x40 with PA front lens on one of my guns. I think it is a very useable HFT scope. Cost peanuts ... about 30 quid. The depth is actually very good with a 25 yard PA setting and 9 x. The only issue is that the mildots and the ret line are very thick and cover part of the very small kills but that doesn't bother me.

For hunting you don't want to be trying to use the scope for ranging at 9x. What cal is the gun? Most of your hunting will be in the 20 to 35 yard range. If you are just starting then you really need to limit your hunting to a range where you can put all the pellets inside 1 inch, so that will probably be max 35 yards for now. So if it's a 0.177 and you had a 30 yard zero you could probably just aim bang on for everything from 20 to 35 and kill it clean. The shots at 20 will actually hit about 3 pellets high and at 35 about a couple of pellets low, but if you are accurate enough that will be close enough to kill cleanly with head shots. Ideally you would learn to judge what is 20 yards and aim a little low to allow for the high impact. If it is further than your zero then you will learn to judge that distance and aim a little high to allow for the low impact. As you get more accurate and confident that you can hit 1 inch further than 35 yards ... probably up to 45 when you get good ... then you need to learn to judge those distances and learn how much more you need to aim over to cleanly kill at that range. Once you are shooting beyond 35 then you can't just aim bang on as the drop off will take the pellet outside the kill area.

0.22 has a loopier trajectory and your ranging and aiming is far more important so you will need to learn the points of impact and aim points.

... but start by setting yourself a reasonable max range that you can hit confidently... say 30 to 35 yards ... and practice creeping in to that distance and take a clean shot rather than taking shots at things too far away.

Like someone mentioned ... shooting HFT will give you good practice at ranging and knowing where to aim without shooting at live targets.

Good luck

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