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Originally Posted by 5teve L View Post
Interestingly in a blustery wind at 45yards I'm undecided, they are a little flatter for sure but they do take more wind I think... they would need to be tested for a few HFT events I feel to see just how well they fare.
I put in a pretty good group with them with a few that went way off, but then although slightly less wayward, the group with the daystate ft's wasn't as tight, I had a nice ragged hole group with the Falcons, whereas the daystates just grouped about the place. I shot 10 or so pellets at each mark.
I tried a small group in a 40mm (or near as I could draw ) circle & the FT's came out on top with 3 out of 4 going inside (I ran out of ft's ), the Falcons were taking more wind so grouping outside the mark, I aimed the same place on both circles. If you knew how much more wind to give then they do group well.
I will need a few tins to test more.
I was using the Mk4 as the MPR didn't seem to like them at 25 yds as much as the Mk4 so didn't bother trying it (but the MPR does prefere 4.53's & I have 4.52 falcons), I should have really but ran out of time & humping 2 rifles & a bottle across 2 fields was a bit knackering.

My take on them..... I will perform more tests before committing a verdict I think.

Keep us posted on your findings as well Cliff.
I'm pretty certain the Falcons are only made with the 4.52 head size
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