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Originally Posted by TOOL View Post
How's 140m to 160m every weekend just to practice plus comps ?

Most of you are fortunate to have a ground on the door step to practice so IMO GP's are what they are ..................

1. A major hike to blast 50 lead projectiles at some tin chickens.
2. Spend a fortune on fuel the majority of that is in tax to our fantastic government .
3. Spend even more money on uncomfortable hotel rooms ,add a crap nights sleep due to the insomniac above you with the squeaky floor board .
4. Countless moaning about rules , over range targets , he shot the session with no wind so thats why he beat me , gun went down, I wasn't prepared , I was a click out , I was two clicks out , forgot to feed my pet otter , my pellet pouch has hole in it.
5. My hall way carpet is the wrong colour.
6. Dog ate my sheet music to Copacabana.

So my little sprout tops the moral of this story is stop trying to black cat each other with how far your driving and keep focused on that prize ........................... A 3" glass cube with Chris Large's hologram in it !

Ttfn and baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

"Pet otter" lol
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