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1, 384 (1/2 tank of fuel 3hr drive)
2, 388 (1/2 tank of fuel 3.25hr drive )
3, 540 (3/4 tank of fuel 4.5hr drive )
4, 310 (3/8 tank of fuel 2.75hr drive )
5, 170 (1/4 tank of fuel 1hr drive )
6, 545 (3/4 tank of fuel 4hr drive )
7, 380 (1/2 tank of fuel 3hr drive )
8, 216 (3/8 tank of fuel 2.5hr drive)
9, 496 (3/4 tank of fuel 4hr drive)
(Distances are the shortest availble not necessary the quickest, Nelson for example takes you through Sailsbury and then Bristol

3429miles if I do all of them and about 550 in fuel l and 400 in ferry costs

Driving times are 1 way and not including the ferry trip (1hr on top). Might have to be selective on the trips or make them weekends away for those over 3.5 hrs or more away. Know some of the club want to do some GP's as they enjoyed them last year and current definates are 4,5,7 and 8 but I want to do 1,2,6 and 9. 3 th difficult one as start my holiday in Devon on the 25th. Might have to make that a weekender Isle of Wight to Tawd Vale Saturday, shoot Sunday and drive to Devon then back to the Isle of Wight 6 days later.

Postcode list as far as I can make out via the web is:-
WV11 2AZ
ST18 0XB
L40 5UL
CF46 6PG
GU24 0BP
S75 4BT
EX15 2BZ
S43 3YQ
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