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Originally Posted by Lofty View Post
Spoke to AA at the British Shooting Show yesterday.
Seems that the EV2 's replacement SHOULD be released this summer.

According to AA it's another variation of the EV with stock changes by Nick Jenkinson, an adjustable butt hook that wraps more under, an adjustable air stripper, minor changes to the sears and the ability to free float the barrel if you want to.
It's called the FTP900 at the moment, Field Target Precision as for the 900 , well they decided on not using 600 as that will be the designation for the replacement to the 400 and 500 series should it happen and FTP1000 was deemed to be a bit too much of a mouthful and so , after quite some debate apparently, they settled on FTP900

Price TBA.

With the exception of the sear changes, these are cosmetic alterations which don't sort out the fundamental downfalls of the rifle. I agree with Conor, it needs a new reg' and different hammer design, and lets face it although many of the top shots in the country use an EV2, how many are standard? Most have been fettled in some way or other to make it more consistent and a less harsh firing cycle. Why does a FT or HFT shooter (who this rifle is marketed at) need a removeable cylinder? On rifles that have to remove the cylinder as standard, many people fit a quick release coupling in place so that the cylinder no longer needs to be removed. As for the stock, well this may surprise me and be a great fit for most people, but again for many will probably be changed in favour of a Gary Cane etc replacement.
I wonder if the price will remain around the 1100 mark, or will the 'variations' now command a similar 1700 price tag similar to Steyrs' etc?
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