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Hi yes thats correct the delay is due to awaiting stocks from Minelli. I can confirm that Solware Limited in conjunction with The Greyhound Gun Club and Air Arms will have one on test. We will be sorting out a demo day with Air Arms for tests by FT/HFT shooters at Greyhound. Its all not definate I have to liason with Simmo at The Greyhound. Will be inviting all the FT and HFT shooters to come and have a go. Also new pellets called AA Express which are JSB express these are AA branded with tighter quality control. We liason with AA/John Rothley on having these available in bulk supply.

Also Air Arms have agreed to come and support the event. Technical support on hand for any of the FT or HFT guys. I think if we can have two rigs setup one for FT and one for HFT. So each discipline can be tested using the new FTP900
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