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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
Good news was no snow, bad news was rainall day and very muddy.

Good news was very testing course where even short - average full kills needed to be well out of kill, in what seemed a breeze and you would expect to be inside edge?

Bit of a boob with t7 and not sure whats being done about that (about 57/58y?) but well done to Daz Tomes on hitting it and 27 others.

I must be a lucky mascot for Mfta shooters!

Cant say i thaught i would see it but,

Gilly was pumped by Fisher today, for which Gilly blames me, and i blame Gilly. Fancy laughing at me missing the 15ml then missing it yourself. least i hit the kast target!
Now where's that money you owe me Fishface for putting Gilly off lol

Gp2 @ Farcoley will be a different result
Uve had enough money from me in the last year Hollow victory over gillamot today as we both were shite...well done to the ice man (ozzy) on his on to millride with 3 people in with a chance of top spot...."The good" ozzy, The "Bad" Me, and the "Ugly"
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