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Default Time for Change

Bit of practise at tondu friday, gun was fine but I was off again splitting edges along the practise course, not much of a breeze, edge mainly or half inch out.
Cleaned Barrel sat night after Bfta meeting where we had a great carvery!

Far Coley

Shooting with Daz Tomes who seems to have a thing for Bald headed men from up north and Gilly, my (Ex) Hero.
Very muddy condition and not having wet weather boots meant trainers today, for which Gilly thinks i am mad!
Must get a small hand towel for the gunslip too as muddy hands do not inspire confidence in handling of pellets.

T11, range found it @35m, gave 3 edge and pellet smacked 1/4 inch past 8. So low and over kill of wind?
Re-ranged to find it 40m!
I blamed Gilly as he was talking to me at the time.

T12, missed that too, 50m, gave over kill out but split 9 edge.

T13, cant remember as there were so many but missed that to, so finally hit t14 which i think was short agaign at 35m but had to come out of kill maybe inch!
All this is what seemed like little more than a breeze that should inside edge shooting.
Missed a Sad 11 in total.
45 yard stander ok can put up with missing that even though i was crap on it, , mis ranged first target ok not concentraiting, 33 y Kneeler that cleared kil, pertners reconed it did gust as i shot but surprised me and I think it was one of daz thmoes misses too?!

3 went low including the 20y 15ml that landed at least 10-15ml below 6, so must have dropped 25-30ml!! May have been some mug /grit on that otherwise it had to be water? Bemusing whatever.

All other shots were close calls, not really shot bad just did all the wrong things at the right time!
Apart from 58y that i gave 4 clicks guestimate over 55y setting to hit 7 edge, really that target has to be pulled!
Good news is though Daz Thomes was top Am session score and if he remains so, that will be two out of the three Mfta winter series i have shot where a shooting partner has had top score in tricky Wind!

Fisher finished 6 down which seemed a good score to me, well done to him in the conditions and Gilly 5 down going to last lane. Now Gilly had just laughed at me an my mega low 15ml strike, then he sat down and double dinked!
He who laughs Last is Called Fishface is what comes to mind. "Gilly Pumped"

So, three Mfta winter shoots and my three worst % scores of the year, must do 2013/14 Mfta winter league and put the voodoo to bed on that lol

Definatley going for change this week and suspect i will end up shooting what i want to shoot, not what i thaught i would shoot, for a change

Alter trigger on Super soaker, once its dried out is plan A.

Then try in black stock with no 27 luep if still not happy by Tondu witer shoot next Sunday?
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