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Originally Posted by Tartan View Post
Here are the results from today's HFT shoot at Springfield, thanks to all that attended

Richard Woods 58 1st after shoot off
Jennie Stone 58 2nd
Geoff Ryder 58 3rd
Steve Freeman 57
Lloyd Davies 57
Chris Boulton 56
Jeff Westley 56
Alex Larkin 56
Paul Burt 56 Springer
Colin Wilson 55
Bill Chaplin 55
Richard Byford 55
Glen Pickard 53
Steve Woodley 53
Harry Kalaydjian 53 Springer
Bruce Gill 52 Springer
Martin Slane 52
John Chidzoy 52
Jill Cochrane 52
Finn Cochrane 52
John Weaver 48
There's some fantastic scores there.Paul.A harder course next time Lol
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