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Done a little digging... using this September for pricing.

Emirates seems to be doing it at £880... with a stop at Dubai. Travel time from Heathrow to Auckland is 30 hours there, and 35 back (cos you're going uphill )

That's leaving at 21:30 on a Monday to arrive 12:45 on the Wednesday. Then there's the little snag of Auckland being a 8 hour drive from Wellington. So perhaps some sleep in Auckland then travel down the next day? Sees you there Thursday. Hitch is dialing the flight back so you leave Sunday raises it to £1065

Coming back, say you leave Auckland at 17:30 on a Monday, you'll touch down in blighty 5:30 in the morning Wednesday.

And if you actually know what day of the week it is without looking at a calendar when you touch down i'll be amazed.

So it's looking like a 4 day door to door travel bonanza. Land sleep, wake up, zero, get the trophy out the bag, show everyone what it looks like, shoot 3 days, take off with said trophy.

The wording on the emirates site for airguns is...

Sporting weapons and ammunition

Firearms designed for sporting purposes, such as target pistols and rifles, air guns, safari rifles, hunting rifles, etc., may be carried as checked baggage on Emirates flights under the following conditions: (great! )

The firearm must be completely unloaded and, if possible, dismantled and packed inside a suitcase or standard gun case.

(No problem)

The carriage of any type of firearms, ammunition and explosives, including items containing explosives, must be approved by Emirates no less than three days before your flight. Please contact your nearest Emirates office to start the approval process. Please allow extra time for public holidays and weekends in your country of residence and the UAE.

(No problem)

Ammunition must be securely stored in a strong, sealed box packed inside a suitcase and surrounded by other contents. The suitcase must not bear an ‘Explosive’ label.

(No problem)

The maximum gross weight of the ammunition carried by any single passenger is 5kg (11lb). Passengers travelling in groups must carry ammunition in their own separate bags, with no single bag carrying more than the 5kg (11lb) limit.

(No problem)

The following special conditions apply to passengers wishing to carry firearms on flights into or through Dubai:

Passengers who wish to bring firearms and ammunition into the UAE must obtain prior clearance from UAE Customs and the UAE Ministry of Defence. To obtain this clearance, passengers must contact these government departments directly.

For transfer and transit passengers who are connecting to onward flights, prior clearance to travel with firearms and ammunition must be obtained from the Dubai Airport Police Department and the Department of Civil Aviation.
I wonder if the SA boys or anyone else has any experience of getting through Dubai with an airgun and talking to the police and CA...? I'm sure it can't be that traumatic...

Or there's flying into Sydney direct with Qantas and then on, which is £1350. Leaving Sunday 21:30, you get into Auckland at 11:40. (price doesnt change if you fly out Monday). Coming back you leave at 21:30 Monday and get in at 14:40 Wednesday.

They take firearms.

BA go via Singapore, but then we know there's a £200 gun carriage to deal with on top of the £1500 ticket.

There seems to be a permission form for firearms on the airline sites for Singapore so that seems to be a well trodden route.

Anyone got a teleport machine?
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