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Originally Posted by Conor View Post
Kinrush FT Club (Ardboe) held its maiden shoot today.

A good turnout of 14, it was especially good to see some new faces trying out the sport for the first time. Conditions were mild and dry although a little damp under foot in the the top field, thankfully the winds were light.

Scorecards have went missing somehow, I know I haven't misplaced them but when I find them I will let you all know.


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Congrats on a great course Connor the reason a lot of score cards failed to make it back was you where kind enough to put the number of the the suicide helpline on the back which caused a meltdown on their switch board last night . Despite the light airs you describe most people where aiming into the next county to try and put a pellet onto some part of the target
And if memory serves me right the light airs made everyone to a man miss at least 1 face plate completely , mainly that 40yarder I take when the course was designed you had planned on winds up to 20mph unfortunately we had twice that at times . Awesome course most of us will be back after some therapy or after we dry out . The comments still echo in my mind like what sick sadistic barsteward put a course out like this in these " light airs" . Soup was great really warmed everyone up nicely. Kinrush doesn't mean windy hell hole in another language by any chance.
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