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[QUOTE=Neil-T;115277]Was the person who called you a cheat your shooting partner? You did the right thing by calling it into question. And you know yourself if you hit it or not, so take no notice.

. My comment was ignored and he took another shot, now I am no rule genius, but is this cheating/practicing on the course, I am led to believe that on a 30 shot course...only 30 shots should be taken from your starting lane. I wrote what happened on the back of the card in case anyone picked me up on it later. Is this, under the current rules allowed?

I'm sure an expert will be along shortly,but i think you are correct it was practiseing on the coarse.
30 target's 30 shot's,i'm guessing he shot plate to see were his pellet struck.
very naughty + he ignored his marshall.
It was pointed out to me by Mr D,who's opinion i respect, that a commitee free of charge ,give their time to thrash out a set of rule's for us to abide by.
To ignore these rule's is disrespectful of the effort's these people put in un paid.
Without rules the whole thing goes to pot.
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