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Originally Posted by villiers View Post
Simon , I went to the first saftey briefing and in that meeting we were told that as the normal sign had disappeared a large S had been sprayed on the ground at the second standing target. OK it was not right but it was better than nothing. The shooter who removed the sprayed S had no right to do that, he is a club shooter but was in no way involved in the running of that comp.
You did the right thing in shooting them standing . Most of the whistles where from people who could not believe that they had missed a lot of splits on those targets when pulled in.
Cheers Don
To be fair Don thats not a lot of good when you can start anytime between 9 and 12, we never went to the safety briefing, when Simon shot them standing one of your members then came along and said it was a mistake and covered the sprayed on s with leaves . Totally agree with you about whistles though, watched one person call the long stander twice, despite being told on the first check it was fine. Groups of 3 stood around talking and drinking tea on lanes didn't help and made it a frustrating day, wind was a b*****d.
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