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Default Bisley Bashing

Long old day at Bisley today. not seen a shoot there with so many stopages before, something which was said by those who frequent the place more than I.

Cold day, shot with Gadget and Neil Long. Neils temp strip showed 7/8 degrees but it felt much colder, more like 4/5?
I decided last minute, acting on some good advice to use top ammo die 50, staight but light lube.
Priest + no1 luep seemed to perform well with these, but I think i need to look at the trigger position.

Missed my first target, T23 ! Long one, about 47m. Pellet bounced of 6 edge having judged wind from 9 edge to perfection, hit the paddle but it did not go down.
Other Target in the lane looked the same range but gave it 49m setting and straight as an arrow it went.

Missed t29, 40 m kneeler. Tried to alternate my kneeling position and it did not work, wobbled to 3 edge!
Poor shooting

Missed T4. 42m, gave inside 3 edge and pellet truck 4/5 edge so straight but low.

Missed t8, well not really. Gadget had just shot it and hearing the pellet strike I asked if he hit it. he did not see the pellet but I knew the sound was a paddle strike.
I sat down, gave 9 edge + 2 clicks on 47m and watched the pellet sail into paddle, smack on for height and hitting half way betyween centre and 3 edge.
called it but not given! Steve Lannyman was lane behind, said same, hit it but not going down as it was sticking.
There were a lot of whistles today for faulty targets of some sort

missed T 21, Long again, gave 50m but it struck low.

Now convinced there is something not quite right in my trigger set up on priest that now and again causes me to flinch / pull a shot low?

Happy with 4 as there is room to improve, not happy with 5!

Good enough to boost the average though on a day many seemed to struggle with reading the wind.
Intertesting thing is that i did not need to, or indeed neither did I, come out of kill once despite the wind!
As such Gadget is very keen to get an Ostler air stripper asap and Woddy must be wishing he used his!
Gadget 28, Neil long 29, top company from both.

Had a quick play with Woddy's new 8-80 march. Very nice, excellent Ret in it and range finds superbly.
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