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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
Have to say i was some what surprised at the number of whistles today, made it a very long day and meant the cold had extra time to work its way through to freeze you.
Not sure what the whistles were about in total, faulty targets seemed to be the problem on more than one occasion, I came across one faulty target!
I hope the GP is not like today come the summer!

Tough course at times, some very long targets, both 15 ml past 20 yards meant you had to pick your time on the shot perfectly.
Bit of a muddle with the short standing lane. We arrived there after about 4 pairs had shot it.
I noticed those in from were taking it sitting. When we got there the short range of the targets, 14 + 25 ish made me think the large "S" sprayed on the Forest Floor was not reserved space for Superman, but a sign that someone should have put a "standing" sign on the lane.
I asked a Bisley member/ marshal about it but he just grabbed a stick and rubbed out the "S" lol
My shooting pertners Gadget and Neil Long took it sitting, i took it standing but they refused to give me extra points lol. Seemed everyone else took it sitting.
Enjoyed the company, Gadget out in an excellent 28 and it easily could have been a 30 with a few beginners mistakes removed.
Neil struggled as the 20-50 got cold but put in a 29 which for today was not bad.
I claim a 36, but was only granted 35
Had a bash with Woddys March, very nice too.

Toping off the day picked up some spare buttons for gimp coat and a bargain Glove in the shop on the way out.
Simon , I went to the first saftey briefing and in that meeting we were told that as the normal sign had disappeared a large S had been sprayed on the ground at the second standing target. OK it was not right but it was better than nothing. The shooter who removed the sprayed S had no right to do that, he is a club shooter but was in no way involved in the running of that comp.
You did the right thing in shooting them standing . Most of the whistles where from people who could not believe that they had missed a lot of splits on those targets when pulled in.
Cheers Don
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