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Originally Posted by springer34 View Post
Hi all i had to post this so bare with me i was told by a mate that it went all down the line that i cheated at the winter league at woodend today, well the only issues i had was with 2 targets first 1 was one which i thought id hit but didnt go down which my shooting partner of course scored me a zero the 2nd was 1 which i called for the marshall he then spent 3 minutes max fixing it he told us the pin had come out where how i dont know thats what we were told so as per rules i shot it again it went down,what i would suggest is that whoever spread this rubbish speaks to whoever he needs to and tells the right person to take a look at the scorecard and what lane i cheated on and compare what i got for that lane and target and see if i claimed that shot,now when its found out you are wrong you can put a post up saying you were wrong and bang out of order!!!
You sound like you didnt do anything wrong to me.
Your entitled to have a target checked if you deem it faulty and if the marshal agrees its faulty then you can have another go at it.
Dont worry about it, everyones always winding me up for being short for some reason??
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