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Default I want a comp x 45

Busy morning at Tondu, managed little more than to chrono check the Priest with some weighed 8.4 g Die 39 Exacts.
Got boared after 20 shots as low was 778 and high 784, with most at 782. So not that causig the odd low hit? Not weight either as most are 8.4g, fee 8.3 or 8.5.

Gave a few blasts through the Miz in preperation for some hft or sporting Ft use. Not been fired for a feew months and was well down, 700 fps so turned back up to 835. Spot on and a joy to shoot.

Had a bash at a hw97 which was not as bad as i was expecting though it copuld have done with a lighter trigger. Think the one on there is set for a batteship main gun! Interesting being able to see the pelet in flight despite the recoil. Not for me though i think!

Took Gadget and Tsh up oaktree to assess damgae from recent weather and storms. Not too bad, about 15 targets need re-stringing and all targets need a paint and oil squirt. will pop up again soon and sort that out. Sausage and chips not the best idea prior to shooting Oaktree, Toshes idea though lol.

Having set Toshes Ev2 + x45 Comp up again earlier at tondu, he declined the invite to shoot as i think he was burrying his misses under the woodchips!

So took no1apprentice Gadget roud to get him used to what Bisley will have in store for him tomorrow, thats right me beating him lol. Just hope i dont shoot as bad tomorrow as I did today though!
Used die 5 which went very well if pointed in the right place, wind was fikle for first 30 targets then anything from 9 edge to 2 kills out for last 10! Might use die 5 at Bisley?

Also put first Dibs on Toshes Comp 45 if he ever sells it as I have to say it range finds as well as bertys march, definaion is superb on that scope which seems a waste with Mr.Magoo using it lol
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