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Originally Posted by johnharper View Post
each region could put a few side shoots on that would bring some dosh in to send the top uk hot shoots from each of there regions sounds fair
just a thaught

if your talking @ gp level, i dont think there would be many takers?
We do side shoots at our regional shoots and they are usually very popular as people asre not in such a hurry to make a "long" trip home.
There are not alot of shooters doing the sillys at gps, but that could be because they are the sillys?.
I suppose its worth a go, perhaps the Nelson lads will allow me to put on a Vermin Ft side shoot at Nelson gp if there is room, all proceeds bar prize money to wafta world fund?

Originally Posted by fredyninefingers View Post
I,ve no interest in going to the worlds,so have no interest in paying for some one else to go....
Also trevs raffle is a choice...I,ve out run him a couple of times.......
Jolly boys outing,turnips on tour....yeh right!
I understand your point, but if it were a side shoot you would have the option not to take part and thus fund.

Originally Posted by chrisc View Post
How much does the BFTA have in the bank?

Although (as a BFTA card holder) i would like to support the England team but not if the BFTA has cash in the bank. After all, where did that cash come from originally.
Does anyone know how much the BFTA has in the bank?
Freedom on information says go look in bfta minutes, to save you i think its about 38,000+
It would be less if I were bank manager as i like spending to improve lol

However, the Bfta has nothing really to do with Worlds FTA.

For the Bfta to stump up cash, you have to get your region to propose such an idea. The regions are the members and we shooters are only members of the regions.

Originally Posted by saddler View Post
As a BFTA cardholder, you do support the England team.
50p of each cardholder's payment goes to their national association.
Wafta and Sarpa also get "cash back, but on a smaller scale"
I think last year we (Wafta) recieced enough for a sanry at gatwick lol

Originally Posted by RobF View Post
Yes, the BFTA contributes about 600 year back to the EFTA each year, which pays for committee insurance and makes a contribution to other costs like team clothing, however we do run sponsorship which also helps.
We will be looking at revenue streams in the near future, once we have Germany places firmed up
2nd week in September for NZ 2014 Worlds is about 19 months away, so with a guestimate of 2,500 for the trip thats around 130 a month to put away. Quite alot in these Tight times, but perhaps it could be done by some.
Be easier if I were not ging to Germany and Greece this year!

Does anyone have any experience they can pass on about approaching councuils, govt etc for grants / aid etc?
BFTA Grading Q's to;
sorry wont answer Bfta q's on forums, Cant keep track of replies etc!
BFTA updates on

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