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Originally Posted by jj1 View Post
Hi All,
Does anyone know if these pellets, in 177, can be bought new or are they only available from personal stocks?
I think Swillingtons have them coming in a few weeks, Intershoot the same and likely blackpool air riflel are the same.

I have 4 tins left and then I was going to have to use my backup 3 tins of mossies. Hopefully I am picking up 10-15 tins at the weekend.

If that does not come off between the tins I have left and mossies I would be ok until the above shops have them. If that went wrong I will shoot either my 7 tins of 4.53 Daystate FT's or buy some Exact RS 7.33gr.

Express do seem to be a pain to get hold of at times.
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