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Session 1
Grego Hensman
Mat Furlong
Mick McTighe
Ken Gould
Nigel Smith
Phil Smith
John Amos
Steve Handby
Casy Handby
Nigel Oram
Richard Ardern
Mikey Heathcote
Dave Martin
Brian Heaps
Steve Cartledge
Peter Foote
Simon Foote
Gerry Baillon
Tom Morgans
Paul Spencer
Michelle Pullen
Bert Tate
Mike Everson
Mick Goodenough
Tony Male
Darrin Lynn
Ian Treadwell
Rob Lamerton
James McLachlan
Andy McLachlan
Tony Lamsdale
Steve Liddamore
Tom Nelson
Ian Sheppard
Johnny Smith
John Holder
Lee Malpas
Simon Howarth
Pete Minchin
Simon Harrison

Session 2
Greg Hensman
Paul Brittain
Kevin Gaunt
David Nicholls
Andy Dickson
Clive Evans
Bryn Evans - Jnr
Paddy Egan
Tye Forde
Ricky Moppet
Glynn Edwards
Dave Goldsberry
Gary Chillingworth
Jean (SPANK ME) Greatrex
Alex Larkin
Wayne Marriott
Mark Thompson
Kathy Thompson
Hannah Underwood
Rob Mobley
Bob Clay
Steve Whiting
Ryan Charlton
Phil Bennet
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