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Originally Posted by PaulD View Post
I would love to go and we even have friends who live in Wellington who keep asking us to visit. I've just had a look on tinternet and the prices for August/September this year are 1700 with three stops! Gawd knows how much they will be in 2014. I'm definitely out I can't see there being the need to hold qualifiers next year
Not sure what site you looked at but on Cheapflights they are showing around 750 return to Wellington (chosen as an example) via Melbourne. As a comparator a flight to San Franciso is around 500 so not that much more really. The carrier is Quantas, so it is not a unknown company. The dates are comparable to the event dates aug 27 ret sept 4.

Maybe the organisers could get some sponsorship deal going with their local airlines, no harm in trying?
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