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Yes we have held National series matches, and championship shoots every year since 2006.

Yes we have been shooting a 12 ft/lbs format since 2006, growing from two of us, gradually showing how its done so more changed from the FAC rifles to girly power over time. We can field a team that is competitive when the time comes, I have seen them grow and improve. Some feel intimidated a bit reading the comments on a forum like this, but once you shoot a worlds you realise everyone is fallible and can have a good or bad day just as easily.

South Africa was awesome, you shoulda gone. There were four of cost us dearly but we made the effort.

Rebecca was a NZ resident until shortly before Italy, and had decided on attending before leaving us. Her BF Bernd was Dutch FT champ at the time and came and spent some time shooting with us. We learned and he learned.

Just as some have said it hard or impossible to fund the trip, or get time off to come to NZ, the same is true for us in the reverse direction. When its in Europe it is prohibitively expensive for us. I also have my own business and time off is everyone has a back story.

The only story worth reading is who was the best on the particular 3 days. To finish first, first you must finish.

I'm looking forward to greeting old friends from South Africa again, and I am sure they will be gunning for the title. Good on them they have a real tenacious spirit about them.
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