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Originally Posted by Conor View Post
As I say Dan, that was the original plan to hold it there. I've been to the Worlds in '04, '05, '06, '08, '10, '11 and '12 and last year I met my first NZ shooter who has travelled from NZ to attend the Worlds. I'm also led to believe there was also 1 at the Worlds in SA.
I believe there were 5 in SA.

2 in Italy.

1 in Norway.

2 or 3 planned for Germany.

"sideshow to FAC" really? That's ridiculous idea. and I will say that with my governing body and organising committee hats on.

What I see is that you have been to all the northern hemisphere events. Are you saying the southern hemisphere/pacific member countries aren't worth the time and effort of investing in? Because that is both unfair and is not big-picture thinking.

Come on now. Give us some credit. I understanding money will be an issue for many. C'est la vie. It was a big expense for me to get to Norway. In hindsight, there was enough public funding that if I'd been smarter I could have largely gone free.

Sporting allowance trusts and things are out there, and are always interested when the word is "National Representative Team".

PS You're always welcome to stay at my house.
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