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Originally Posted by clubshot View Post
My whole issue with AT is the Failure of Manufactures to Keep Customers
Up todate with their current Activites

Why should they its there business after all, there are things Daystate are working on that could make AT redundant they are not going to release this for every other manufacturer to copy (It's unlikely they could granted), are they

And as well posted - that even with Power Seals it is still possible for a Air Gun
AT Sealed to Exceed Sub 12FP - For which the owner could be prosecuted for
But has No Control Over .........

This has never yet been challenged in a court of law, all airguns can be taken over weather AT or not its engineering not qauntum Physics. What they would have to prove is that the intent was there as contrary to popular belief there is no such thing as an absolute offence. If an AT gun was found to be over you could call on any number of SME's to say no this gun has not been played with, those are mitigating circumstances and I suspect any case would fall apart about then if indeed it ever got that far. And if you will buy HW's you should know what to expect

Defiants - are not the ideal pellet - and as Stated before I have No financial
Interest in them - apart from being a British made product - of a Long time Associate

Glad we have finally put that one to bed

See above
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